The New Era Tissue Salts – Back for sale in the UK!

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New-Era-Logo Homeopathic Tissue salts are sometimes referred to as ‘Biochemic Salts’ or ‘Cell Salts’. Rather than treating “like with like, “as is the case with orthodox homeopathic medicine, tissue salt remedies treat ailments by correcting imbalances or deficiencies in the body’s cell nutrition.  Tissue Salts still maintain physical quantities of the original substances, although in minute form (6x). Wilhelm Henrich Schussler (1821-1898) devised the homeopathic tissue salts as nutritional therapy, observing that when there was a deficiency of certain ’tissue salts’ then symptoms would be produced. He believed that these were the basic salts that every cell in the body requires for optimum health, noting that they are the salts that remain in the ash when a body is completely combusted at cremation. The full range of the New Era Tissue Salts are available at Click on a link below to view and buy: INDIVIDUAL SALTS

  1. Calc Flour – No. 1: Calcium Fluoride – Tissue elasticity; impaired circulation; varicose veins; piles.
  2. Calc. Phos – No.2: Calcium Phosphate – Debility; repaired digestion; teething trouble; chilblains.
  3. Calc. Sulph – No.3: Calcium Sulphate – Acne, adolescent pimples; skin slow to heal; sore lips. A blood constituent.
  4. Ferr. Phos – No.4: Iron Phosphate – Blood stream oxygenation; chills; fevers; inflammation; congestion coughs; colds.
  5. Kali. Mur- No.5: Potassium Chloride – Minor respiratory ailments; coughs; colds; children’s feverish ailments.
  6. Kali. Phos- No.6: Potassium Phosphate – Nerve soothing, exhaustion, indigestion, headache; stress due to worry or exhaustion.
  7. Kali. Sulph- No.7: Potassium Sulphate – Skin condition; skin eruptions with scaling or sticky exudations; falling hair; diseased nails; catarrh.
  8. Mag. Phos- No.8: Magnesium Phosphate – Cramp; neuralgia; flatulence; spasmodic nerve pains. A soft tissue constituent.
  9. Nat. Mur- No.9: Sodium Chloride – Maintaining body water distribution; watery colds, flow of tears; loss of smell.
  10. Nat. Phos- No.10: Sodium Phosphate – Over acidity of the blood; gastric disorders; heartburn; rheumatic tendency.
  11. Nat. Sulph- No.11: Sodium Sulphate – Water infiltrations; liverish symptoms; influenza; bilious attacks.
  12. Silica- No.12: Silicon Dioxide – Impure blood & for boils, brittle nails & lack-lustre hair.

New Era Tissue Salts COMBINATION SALTS The Combinations are named A-S (excepting O) and are used as follows:

  1. Combination Tissue Salt  A: Sciatica, nerviness.
  2. Combination Tissue Salt B: Nervousness, general debility, convalescence.
  3. Combination Tissue Salt C: Acidity,  heartburn,  dyspepsia.
  4. Combination Tissue Salt D: Minor skin ailments.
  5. Combination Tissue Salt E: Flatulence, colicky pains, indigestion.
  6. Combination Tissue Salt F: Nervous and migraine headaches.
  7. Combination Tissue Salt G: Backache, lumbago.
  8. Combination Tissue Salt H: Hayfever, allergic rhinitis.
  9. Combination Tissue Salt I:   Fibrositis, muscular pain
  10. Combination Tissue Salt J:  Coughs, colds, chestiness.
  11. Combination Tissue Salt K: Brittle nails.
  12. Combination Tissue Salt L: Varicose Veins and Circulatory Disorders.
  13. Combination Tissue Salt M: Rheumatic pain
  14. Combination Tissue Salt N:  Menstrual Pain.
  15. Combination Tissue Salt P:  Aching Feet and Legs.
  16. Combination Tissue Salt Q: Catarrh, sinus disorders.
  17. Combination Tissue Salt R:  Teething pains.
  18. Combination Tissue Salt S:   Stomach upsets, biliousness, sick headache.

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  1. IRS Attorney says:

    Hey this subject is extremely concerning. Keep it going friend !

  2. Sarah harries says:

    Hiya, searching for nervous which doesn’t appear to be listed, is it under a different name or discontinued?! X

  3. Rita Barker says:

    I’m very glad to see New Era available again. Much prefer the dissolvable tablets too.

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